1. Walkers may start collecting pledges as soon as they receive the pledge sheets. Reminder: Pledge sheets need to be turned in on walk-a-thon day, Saturday, June 9 at the Registration table.


    1. Each sponsor making a pledge should write their own name, pledge per lap, and maximum pledge. Walkers may collect the pledge in advance but must keep pledges until all are collected.


    1. NOTE: On walk-a-thon day, there will be on-street parking on Perkins street and surrounding streets. After parking your vehicle make sure to use crosswalks to cross the street.


    1. On walk-a-thon day, each group of walkers will walk during a specified time period on Jamaica Pond. Each lap is approximately 1.46 miles. Each participant will be issued a “lap tag,” which will be punched each time the walker reaches the starting point, thereby keeping track of the number of laps completed.


    1. Upon completion of the walk-a-thon, walkers will hand in their lap tags. A volunteer will record each team walker or individual walker’s lap total on their pledge sheet and return it.


    1. No running or jogging will be allowed. Participants are encouraged to wear hats and sunscreen if it’s sunny or bring rain gear if it’s rainy.


We look forward to all our participants having a great time! For questions or concerns, email  or call 617-738-1500 ext. 185